STG has agencies from world class manufactures that allow us supply and install the following equipment:


Natural Gas measurement and analyzing


-  Flow Metering systems custody transfer for natural Gas including flowmeter, pressure and temperature transmitters, flow computer, control valve and isolation valves.


Options include:

  • Various types of meters; Turbine, , Ultrasonic, Orifice, Coriolis, etc.
  • High pressure actual gas medium calibration
  • Single or redundant metrology and control
  • Parallel runs eliminate downtime
  • Calibrated at operating pressure before delivery
  • Approved to all relevant industry standards



-  Custody transfer Flow meters for natural gas application:

  • Ultrasonic meters size 6”-30”
  • Turbine meter sizes 4”-30”




-        Gas Chromatograph for analysis of natural gas 





-        Gas Reduction Stations and HP regulators



Industrial Valves

Manuals and electrical ANSI 150-2500 for oil& Gas, chemical plants, water treatments plants and stations

-        Ball Valves

-        Gate Valves

-        Check Valves

-        Butterfly Valves


Industrial Pumps:

We are able to supply the following types of pumps for water treatment plant, oil and gas and industrial plants:

-        Low and High pressure centrifugal water pumps

-        Centrifugal slurry pumps

-        Chemical Pumps

-        Split Case Pumps

-        Multistage Pumps

-        Submersible Pumps


Heat Exchangers for industrial plants

-        Plate Heat Exchangers

-        Shell and tube heat exchangers

-        Tube heat exchangers


Industrial Filters

-        Natural gas filters

-        Air filters

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